Vortex Plasma Treatment System

Eltech's New Vortex Plasma treatment system is built around the concept of a high voltage Plasma discharge in atmospheric air while the plasma head is rotating. The versatility of this unit allows for use in fully integrated on robots, as a standalone unit, or any production line for covering more treatment area as the treatment head diameter is larger & rotating.

The purpose of surface treatment of polymer based materials is to increase surface wettability through plasma discharge. The low surface energy of polymer based substrates often leads to poor adhesion of inks, glues and coatings. To obtain optimum adhesion, it is necessary to increase the surface energy of the substrate to just above that of the material to be applied. Surface treatment with plasma results in improved surface adhesion properties.

Eltech offers a cost effective method for optimising the adhesion properties of printing inks, coatings, glue, paint onto a polymer surface including commonly used materials like polypropylene and polyethylene. This universal system developed by Eltech operates with special rotating DC motor for spinning Plasma Nozzles pointing inwards for uniform treatment and to minimize heat impact & Cover larger area. The system is able to rotate up to 3000 rpm / min. These self contained units can be installed within existing production lines or used as an off line process.

The system includes a high frequency generator, high voltage transformers, rotary plasma heads and customised stand alone or bench top treating station. To ensure proper Plasma Discharge from the Discharge Nozzle the compressed air must be within a certain level of pressure and volume. Eltech’s Vortex Plasma conforms with CE regulations and is CE marked.

Single Head Vortex Plasma Treatment

Single Head Vortex Plasma Treatment

Single Head Vortex Plasma Treatment

Single Head Vortex Plasma Treatment

Single Head Vortex Plasma Treatment

Dual Head Vortex Plasma Treatment

Dual Head Plasma Ion Treatment

Dual Head Vortex Plasma Treatment

Anti Static Round

Dual Head Vortex Plasma Treatment

  • Applying to all kinds of materials of conductivity & non-conductivity
  • Ideal for integration with industrial automation
  • Ultra high frequency using latest IGBT technology
  • Long Lasting, Uniform, High surface treatment levels
  • Easy operation by simple button ON/OFF and Start/Stop
  • Reliable industrial design
  • Ideal for high speed lines
  • Customized Design
  • Forced cool converter for longer life
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to install
  • Cost efficient treatment process
  • Easy to maintain
  • Maximum operator safety
  • Compact simple construction
  • Soft start
  • HV transformer is able to used for long hours and continous work
  • MCB protection
  • Overload Trip
  • Under voltage / Over voltage
  • Thermal trip for heatsink
  • Single Phasing
  • Ozone extraction overload trip
  • Audio / visual alarm
  • Door open