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Eltech 331 & Eltech 309

Pipe Ionizer

Eltech 309

Pipe Ionizer


The Eltech Inline Ionizer has special circuitry to ensure a balanced ion output. This ensures that no net charge is induced by the ion shower. Balance is maintained irrespective of supply voltage and even if the discharge electrodes are dirty. Balanced output is essential when used in ESD protected areas.

Static charges can build up on all types of materials, which are conveyed or processed. Highly static charges are built up on plastic or paper slitter trim materials, in containers, in bags, sacks, etc. The Eltech Inline Ionizer is designed to neutralize static charged materials in pneumatic conveying systems. The Inline Ionizer is used in connection with the conveying of granulate, plastic edge trim, the cleaning of reprocessed material, etc. The Inline Ionizer eliminates material clogs caused by static charge build-ups in the pneumatic conveying system. Once the charges are neutralized, the material flows freely through the conveying system and productivity increases considerably.

The static elimination system consists of two or more static eliminator bars mounted into a steel pipe and power unit. The power unit converts the primary voltage to approx. 5.5kV. It is current limited with a maximum current output of 5mA for safety. The emitter pins in the static eliminator bare are resistively connected to the high voltage, so are shockless in operation. The bars ionize the air passing through the pipe, which eliminates the static electricity in the product being transported.

  • Pneumatic and gravity transport systems handling trim, waste and similar material.