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In-mould foil charger (Static Charger) :

We offer superior quality static chargers that can be used to stick PP / BOPP / polystyrene foil material to the inner mold surface during injection molding. This makes the foil constant in a position in the mold due to charging. These static chargers are manufactured in compliance with international quality & safety standards.

Decorate you injection molded product to look more charming a multi color foil on plastic items like thermo ware products, casseroles, tiffin, water jug, tray, glass, coasters, mug, lunch box, compass box, water bag, bucket, tumbler, ice pail and many other household, advertising and gift items which can be injection molded.
  Introduction :  

In-mold decorating is a process for labeling or decorating a plastic object during the plastic injection molding process. In the in-mold labeling process, a label or appliqué is placed in the open mold and held in the desired position by vacuum ports, electrostatic attraction or other appropriate means. The mold closes and molten plastic resin is extruded or injected into the mold where it conforms to the shape of the object. The hot plastic envelopes the label, making it an integral part of the molded object. The difference between glue applied labels and in-mold labels is that a glue applied label is stuck "on" the surface of the plastic object; the in-mold label is embedded "in" the wall of the object.

Because an in-mold label or decoration is embedded in the wall of the product through plastic molding injection, it is very durable and nearly impossible to remove from the object. For injection molded tubs, all four sides and the bottom can be decorated with a single label during the molding process, something that pressure sensitive labels cannot do.

Finally, all post-mold labeling operations, equipment and costs are eliminated because the in-mold labeled product is ejected from the mold fully labeled and completely decorated

  Applications :  
  • Foil charging in injection molding and blow molding machines.
Static Charger Handle Static Charger Power Unit  
  • Flexibility of operation
  • Hermetically sealed and potted components are not effected by humid weather.
  • High grade insulating materials are used to provide safety to operators.

Technical Specification Of Static Charger Power Unit :

Input Power : 230, V, AC, 50 Hz - Single Phase
Input Frequency : 50 Hz
Output Voltage : 5.5 KV
Power Consumption : 50 Watts Maximum
Supply Power Cord : 2.5 Mtr
Diamention : 165 mm x 240 mm x 190 mm (LxBxH)
Weight : 5.5 Kg
Specification Of Static Charger Handle :
Diamention : 75 mm Round x 375 mm Long
Weight : 1 kg
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