Ozone Extractor Blower, Ozone Generator, Mumbai, India
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Ozone Generator Advantages :

  • 3,125 times more germicidal than chlorine.
  • Better tasting water - increased consumption.
  • Destroys all types of microorganisms instantly.
  • Destroys organic waste by oxidation.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally friendly oxidant.
  • No residual.
  • Created on-site - no chemical storage.
  • Ozone is the strongest oxidant and disinfectant available for the treatment of aqueous solutions and gaseous mixtures.
  • Although ozone is only partially soluble in water, it is sufficiently soluble and stable such that its oxidation or disinfectant properties can be fully utilized.
  • After ozone oxidizes or disinfects, it decomposes into oxygen.
  • Ozone reacts with a large variety of organic compounds resulting in oxygen-containing organic by-products.
  • Although ozone is the strongest oxidizing agent commercially available, it is safe to handle. The primary reason is that it cannot be stored and, therefore must be generated and used on-site.
  • Ozone in its gaseous phase is a proven deodorizer for a variety of odorous materials.
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