3d Corona Treater, 3d Corona System, Mumbai, India
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3D Corona treater :


Eltech`s 3D corona treatment system is perfect solution to adhesion problems on injection, blow moulded or extruded parts of PE, PP, PET, nylon, vinyl, polystyrene, polycarbonate, PVC, fluorocarbons and all other types of thermoformed and thermoset plastics. 

3d jet corona can be used in a very flexible way, since a counter electrode is not needed. The discharge is ignited between a pair of electrodes inside the treatment tool and gets directed towards the substrate with a minor laminar air flow. 

This 3D corona treatment also eliminates grease, oils and other contaminants if any, which are most common adhesion retardants.3D surface-treating systems improve the bonding of inks, adhesives and coatings, allowing you to treat multiple surfaces and difficult configurations with remarkably consistent and convenient one-pass coverage.

  3D Corona treater
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  3D Corona treatment system readily solve surface adhesion problems for a wide variety of products and applications:  
       • Caps and closures
     • Painting and decorating
     • Cups and containers
     • Consumer products
     • Extruded pipe, tubing, profiles
     • Medical and health care products
     • Electrical/electronic components
     • Direct printing
     • Hot stamping
     • Pad printing
     • Adhesive coating
     • Adhesive bonding
     • Wire and cable
     • Laminating
3D Corona treater 3D Corona Treatment Conveyor
Technical Specification :
Treating head : 25 mm/ 50 mm /100 mm width
Mains supply : 230 V,AC ± 5 %, 1 Ø
Mains frequency : 50 Hz ± 5 %
Speed : As per material and product
Output frequency : 30 Khz
App.output power : 1000 watt
Corona output : a. Constant at same speed
b. No influence of supply voltage
Dynes level : 38-40Dynes/cm
Dimension : 375 mm x 300 mm x 875 mm
Weight : 35 kg
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